2018 Year-End Roundup

Sometimes I am stunned by the amount of support, care, generosity, and love bestowed on Ocracats, (a nonprofit that relies solely on donations to care for the feral cats on Ocracoke Island). Our year-end financial report shows that our kitties are beloved way beyond the fragile borders of this little island. And we send a humble and hearty thank you to all who have contributed so generously to Ocracats.

Social media has definitely brought us to a broader audience and kept us in the minds and hearts of those lucky folks who get to visit our island paradise. When we have posted for help, whether it be for kitten adoption, soft food for the elderly ferals, clinic costs, or just to join the contest fun in locating Blackbeard’s Cat, the outpouring always brings us more than we ever could have hoped for. We are incredibly grateful for all the cash dropped into our donation jars, checks sent, Paypal donations, bags of food brought by visitors, and all the tees, cards, and calendars purchased in support of our mission. I cannot find the words to thank you properly.

Who can resist adorable kitty photos? We seem to be always championing some important cause, and kittens are often at the top of that list. This year, our best estimate is that we have found forever homes for close to 20 kittens (and rehomed at least 2 adult kitties.). I am happy to report that the last batch who arrived in the fall are now adopted. Although kitten adoption is not our primary mission, these young ones fall into our care regularly. If you want to be on a list of folks to be contacted when kittens need homes, please sign up for our kitten adoption registry.

And for those of us who live here and respond 24/7 with volunteer time, emotional energy, and problem-solving skills, rising to whatever occasion calls, you make Ocracats the special safe harbor we have become for the island feral kitties. So again and always, I appreciate what we accomplished last year.

Finally, I offer a special thanks to our mobile veterinarian, Laura Trent, who always gives way more than just standard medical care. We love you!

On behalf of Ocracats,

Ruth Fordon, Coordinator