Ocrafolk Festival Raffle Winners!


We have drawn the winners for our Ocrafolk Festival raffle!!
The smaller quilt goes to Barbara Hardy, who was at the festival and collected her quilt in person!
The full-sized quilt goes to Amy Skiba!! An email is on its way to you! We will send you the quilt! Congratulations!
And Christine Ware has won Scooter! We'll be contacting you! We will send the picture to you!
Congratulations everyone and thank you so much to all who purchased tickets online (yay, Amy!), those who bought at the Festival (today was your lucky day, Barbara!), and those who donated after Hurricane Dorian (thank you Christine!). We honored all raffle tickets sold in 2019 for Scooter as well as the donations from October-December 2019 (each Facebook and PayPal donation got a ticket).
And an extra-special shout out to Nora Blythe and Bruce Tarkington for donating these wonderful works of art.

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